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Adjustable Air Bed in Different Sizes                       

Adjustable air beds in different types of sizes are available in the market. You will find lots of manufacturer providing tween, queen, king and full size air bed in the market. Most common sizes among all of them are king size. Most people choose their air bed in king size. It is usable for two people. Most of the time couple chooses this king size for their home.Air bed size is depends on the region, customer choice. We have found that different types of customer from the different region demanding different size of air bed. Customers living in USA are mostly preferred twin and king size. You will find that most of the USA customers can use this air bed as their conventional or standard sheets and bedding. It is very easy to find in the USA.  There has two different king size in USA.  But it is very difficult two find those sizes which are conceived by the waterbed industry. According to our expertise research, we find those mattresses and its dimension which is basically depends and varies from country to country.

adjustable air bed

Internationally for adjustable air bed we have found so many denominations in the mattress industry. In case of crib or toddler denomination US and Canada based international size is calculated by centimeter or inches. Twenty seven x fifty one inches that means sixty nine cm x one thirty one cm is the standard size in USA. In UK it is 70 cm x 140 cm. some size is not common in the USA like cot/mini single size. It is mostly a standard size for the UK region. Single twin or USA twin size is 95 cm x 189 cm. in UK, twin size is 91 cm x 191 cm. in EU continent, it is 35 in x 75 in. in Asia or Thailand, and it is 42 in x 78 in. there has so Many sizes for adjustable air bed like this. You will get more information from the Wikipedia. Or you can also search on internet to know the international sizes. Single twin and twin XL is another standard size of USA, UK, ASIA, EU region. There has also some other standard size like double/full UK small double size, double/full UK double, queen which is one of the most popular size in USA, UK,ASIA, EU continental area. Queen is also classified by Olympic expended queen, which is a novelty size by Simmons. California queen is also another part of queen size. It is primarily a wood framed water bed size.

Another best adjustable air bed size is king size. King size is also classified by several king pattern. Eastern king is basically a UK based king. California king is based on USA, in UK, there has another king size in name super king. Grand king is also a best size for air bed. And lastly San Francisco king is another size based on USA. So, above are the international denomination and sizes for the mattress. Basically, in this article we try to give you an idea about different types of sizes for adjustable air bed.