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All About the Futon Bed-- The Tradition Japanese Bedding




The futon bed is the traditional bedding style in Japan. It consists of flexible padded mattresses that allow you to store it aside when you don’t need it. In that way, you can make your room serve another purpose aside from a bedroom. It is a comfortable bed composed of a mattress and a thick bed cover at the same time.




Putting Up The Futon Bed To Make It More Comfortable




Whatever purpose your bed serves, whether it is for yourself or for your guests, you want it to be comfortable for the sleeper. This kind of bed comes in different levels of thicknesses and stuffing. You can choose to use cotton stuffing but it might pack out in the long run. You can also use the foam stuffing and it will likely hold its shape but it may be less soft over time. It is important that you know how to put up a futon bed to make it more comfortable for sleep. Here is a quick guide for setting up your bed.




·         Look for a well-padded futon. Do a research on where you can buy a quality futon. The class, softness, and comfort of a futon are its most important features. Its primary use is a bed so it is important to make the surface comfortable for sleeping.



·         Look for a mattress pad to add to your futon. Also consider putting up a mattress topper for additional comfort. These toppers fit on top, making it more secure. You can make use of a camping pad as a topper as well and slip it below the surface sheet.



·         Add an air mattress on the futon. The pad would not be enough to bring the excellent comfort you need. Make use of the inflatable air mattress for better cushioning. This works better than foams.



·         And finally, cover it with a down comforter or whatever bed sheets you have. This will provide warmth when you sleep in between the sheets.




Quick Guide When Buying Futon Beds




·         Choose your style. Futons can be a bi-fold or tri-fold. The bi-fold futon have arms and legs just like the traditional sofa. These beds have adjustable bed frames that transform it from a sitting position to a sleeping one. Some tri-fold futons also have legs. You can simply fold the legs to make it sit on the sleeping area.



·         Choose a strong futon mattress construction. Look for a futon bed with thick mats. This is satisfactory to most people because it compresses quickly. Most mattresses are made of cotton and foam.